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New video on

This winter has been long, cold, and hard!  With 13 horses to take care of and battling snow and ice, I haven’t had much time (or energy!) to update my site.  But spring is – almost – here and things are getting easier.  So here is a new video which shows how the natural barefoot trim is not natural at all, but is nothing more than a shoeing trim with an added bevel.  And also, the effect an incorrect trim has on the internal structures of the foot.  Along with a graphic showing WHY the toes need to be beveled and the heels left alone (for the most part).

Hope you find it enlightening!


The Simple Truth of Barefoot Trimming


I received an email today from a barefoot trimmer.  She told me  “to just keep saying “nature will fix it” just doesn’t cut it with me”.

Well the fact is that ONLY nature can heal anything.

The simple truth is that trimmers can only do 2 things.  Remove something from the hoof or leave something alone.  That is it! Trimmers do NOT heal anything.  The internal structures of the hoof must be healed by nature.

For the complete article, click here.

Clip on beveling from the DVD


The truth about the mustang model


Or should I say the LIE. Yes, LIE!

When I first started barefoot trimming I believed all the crap I read.  But then the horses showed me the truth.  Now I am trying to share that truth with everyone.  The “Mustang Model” is a LIE.

The link above shows a real mustang foot, and as you’ll see, little of what you’ve been taught about mustang feet is true.

Anyone who trims or teaches according to the mustang model is clearly demonstrating that they know very little about the horse’s hoof. Until they learn, they should not be teaching OR trimming.

Stop believing the lie.  The mustang model is nothing more than a trim for shoeing without the shoe and with the addition of a “mustang” roll.

Pass the truth on!

A shod hoof.  The REAL

A shod hoof. The REAL “mustang model”!

The DVD is now available!


Got the proof and okayed it, and it seems to be available!

I do apologize for the uneveness of the sound at times. I blame my computer, as the some parts I could hardly hear on my computer and so made them louder.   It sounded even then, but clearly not.

You can click here to order!

A proof is on the way!


The review process is complete and a proof copy of the DVD will be here by Tuesday.  If all is well, I can approve it the same day and it will be available soon after that!!

Finally!  What a process.

The Instructional DVD is finished!!


Finally, exactly 2 months after shooting, the editing is done, the video has been burned to DVD, and today it will ship out for production. There is one more step – I will be getting a proof copy to view. If the proof is good all I have to do is approve it and the DVD will be for sale shortly after that.


Foundered pony updated video


Here she is on October 1, 2013, 3 and half months after her near euthanasia.  She is away from home and trimmed by someone else, but she is clearly doing great.  Sound and happy!!

More barefoot, bootless horse videos have been posted!


Check out our Videos Of Truly Sound Horses page to see barefoot horses on the road and on the trail – sound without boots.

Sneak preview of theory portion of DVD


Here’s a sneak peek of what will be contained in the new DVD.  This is from a PowerPoint presentation and is not in the exact form it will be in the actual video.


Instructional DVD is in the editing phase!


Last week we filmed the trimming and live action footage for the dvd. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be creating and editing all the other content, along with the raw video. The DVD should be out within 6 weeks.



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