Update on Foundered Pony D


I trimmed her on August 23rd (2 days ago).  She is sound, though of course her foot has to grow out.

She will be moving with her baby to another farm this week – for weaning – so I will not see her again for a couple months.  However, her hoof care provider there will be using the HGM as well.

Photos will be posted on the website later today, but here is the video. Notice the handler is actually having to hold her to a walk on a gravel driveway and onto concrete.


New Case Study – Foundered Pony D


In June I got a phone call regarding a foundered pony. The pony had foundered the previous November, hadn’t recovered, was lying down a lot, and the owner was considering euthanasia. A friend of the owner, who had attended one of my clinics, urged the owner to hold off on euthanizing the mare and to let her contact me.I agreed to trim the pony and my first visit was on June 19, 2013. I told the owner that I considered it to be a mild case – which I think shocked everyone – but in my experience, the case was not as severe as many. To my pleasant surprise, the owner’s vet was on board with the idea of a natural trim.

When I trim a foundered horse, especially at the first trim, my whole focus is on the horse, and I frequently don’t take any photos. Which I have come to regret. Luckily, the owner’s friend was there and she did take photos. The soles are blue/purple, as the pony had been in boots and Blu-Kote had been sprayed on the soles.

Day One: RF sole pre-trim 6-19-13
Day One:  Above, RF sole pre-trim 6-19-13. Not a pretty sight, but to me it’s much better than coming in and finding a foot that has been over trimmed in an effort to “fix” it. I would prefer to start with a clean slate.You can see how long the back of the foot is from hairline (barely visible in the photo) to the sole. Many would consider this to be tall heels – but in fact this is the hoof capsule having ridden up the leg. The heels themselves were not more than 1/4 inch above the sole and were not trimmed.
Day One: RF sole mid-trim 6-19-13
I can hear lots of people complaining that I didn’t trim the heels. But the horse needs a place to stand. A foundered horse will stand on its toe, rather than stand on the back of the foot, when the heels have been trimmed lower than the sole dictates.Trimming of the heels below where the sole indicates is probably the major reason why founder recovery takes more than a few months.
Click here to read the full case study.

New blog following an HGM Experiment!


I am so excited that someone is doing an experiment using the HGM.  Follow Sassy’s progress at


So far she has just been deshod on August 2nd.  I can’t wait to see coming photos.  I will put a live link to the blog on the sidebar as well.

Check out our Videos of Truly Sound Horses Page


I’ve created a new page where I will be posting videos of truly sound horses. It will be updated whenever I get a new video.

Enjoy seeing horses as they are meant to be – sound, happy, and able to be ridden!


Barefoot “Experts”


I realize there are people out there who do not agree with my thinking, or my writing for that matter.  To you and to them I say the proof is in the pudding.

I get emails from people who do the HGM trim and they report that people they trim for  or other trimmers they run into don’t believe in it and don’t like how the feet look, blah blah blah.  You all know how it is.  Basically they criticize the “look” of the foot and minutely critique irrelevancies and try to sound like they know what they’re talking about. But barefoot trimming should not be about photos of how feet LOOK.  It should be about soundness!!!  That was supposed to be the goal of barefoot when I started – how to help the horse be healthier and happier and more sound.  Where has that goal gone?

I have decided that mere photos do not tell the story and am going to post video whenever I can get it. Video shows the truth.

Further down is a video of a Missouri Fox Trotter mare named Dundee, trimmed by her owner using the HGM.  Prior to the HGM the feet were contracted, as can be seen in the photo just below.  This hoof is not fully rehabilitated but is well on its way, and more importantly the horse is sound! (Click on photo to view larger image.)

Dundee back of foot comparison

Dundee back of foot comparison


It’s pretty clear what a difference there is!

Below is a video of Dundee taken just the other day (7-25-13). BTW she is a Missouri Fox Trotter, a gaited horse, so she moves differently than non-gaited horses. Here she is after a trim, walking on gravel without issue.  No attempt is made to force her to be on the gravel, and I can tell you from experience that if a horse is ouchy he or she will head right for the grass on the side of the road.


And I am not alone in using far less aggressive methods than are currently the “standard” of barefoot trimming being practiced.  Here is a video of self-trimming barefoot horses in England, the grey and the horse being ridden, hunting on rough terrain.  Awesome to watch.

For those interested in learning more here click here for Rockley Farm Blog.

Let’s see if the critics of less is more can post videos of the results of their trimming!

New Trimming Video


This is an edited video shot at a clinic in OH in April. An instructional DVD is coming in the near future.



Response to “Lies Your Trimmer Tells You”


To my complete shock, the article has had over 20,000 hits. All the feedback I’ve had has been very positive. Which tells me people are not that happy with their horses’ feet. Responses have come from Spain, England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S.

I have been discouraged that people seem to accept soreness as normal – and was heartened to know that is not true. People DO want better results!

Whether or not you are happy with your horse’s soundness, please Vote in the Barefoot Trimming Poll.

Upcoming . . .


There have been many requests for a trimming video – so I am setting up a shoot.

A new case study is in the works.  A link to a video of the foundered pony is below – taken only 4 weeks after the owner was considering euthanasia.  Full case study will be coming soon.

Foundered pony at 4 weeks

The Hoof Guided Method is now available on Kindle


Several people have contacted me asking if the book could be on Kindle.    A good suggestion, and one I acted on.



Welcome to the Barefoot Trimming Blog



I’ve had some requests to blog articles, and I like the idea, so here is the new blog.

FAQ’s are also here and I think people will have an easier time asking questions – which is the goal.

Response to my most recent article, Lies Your Trimmer Tells You, has been amazing. Clearly there are a lot of people out there who feel the same as I do – horses are being over trimmed way too often. I’ve added a poll to the blog – please vote, it’s anonymous.

One of the advantages of a blog is that it’s more interactive than a regular website.  I hope you will comment and voice your experiences, questions, and opinions!

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