The truth about the mustang model


Or should I say the LIE. Yes, LIE!

When I first started barefoot trimming I believed all the crap I read.  But then the horses showed me the truth.  Now I am trying to share that truth with everyone.  The “Mustang Model” is a LIE.

The link above shows a real mustang foot, and as you’ll see, little of what you’ve been taught about mustang feet is true.

Anyone who trims or teaches according to the mustang model is clearly demonstrating that they know very little about the horse’s hoof. Until they learn, they should not be teaching OR trimming.

Stop believing the lie.  The mustang model is nothing more than a trim for shoeing without the shoe and with the addition of a “mustang” roll.

Pass the truth on!

A shod hoof.  The REAL

A shod hoof. The REAL “mustang model”!

2 Responses to The truth about the mustang model

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    walz, rick says:

    you are making broad statements but offer no explication. I don’t believe any educated trimmer trims to a model. One trims for the purpose of developing internal and external structures, to allow the hoof maximum functionality. Some of my horses do have feet that start to resemble certain characteristics of the “mustang”.

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      Maureen says:

      What I said, and I think I was clear, is that what is taught as a trim which mirrors mustang feet – called the “mustang model” – is no different than a shoeing trim, without the shoes, and with a bevel or “mustang roll” added. It is in fact, NOT a natural trim. The mustang model is a term used by various barefoot trimming methods, from AANHCP to Pete Ramey, and others. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the butchery being done in the name of “natural barefoot trimming”.

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