Videos of Truly Sound Horses


On this page I am going to put all the videos of sound barefoot horses from now on. Barefoot horses NOT wearing boots. Newest videos are at the top.

Here is a montage of a barefoot horse I trim personally.  For some reason it’s a little off here – better viewed on YouTube.

Here’s another sound, bootless, barefoot horse trotting for the vets at competitive trail ride. He finished 6th out of 30 overall and first in his division!


More sound horses using the HGM trim – barefoot and bootless on gravel road.


Missouri Fox Trotters, barefoot and bootless on the trail in South Dakota.


This is not a video, but the horse in the photo – who lives in western Washington state – just finished her first competitive trail ride of 14 miles, over varied terrain, including gravel and pavement.  Completely barefoot!   Her owner is an email client and trims according to the HGM. (click image to enlarge)  To see her feet just 5 days after the ride, click here.

kimama after ride

Missouri Fox Trotter out on the trail, completely barefoot.  Trimmed according to the HGM

Below is a video of  rock crunching, self-trimming, barefoot horses courtesy of Rockley Farm.  The link was sent to by Rockley Farm and included the note that both horses in the video were lameness rehabs!!


Missouri Fox Trotter on the driveway showing rocks are no problem.  Trimmed using the HGM.


Rock crunching, self-trimming, barefoot horses courtesy of Rockley Farm.


My barefoot Thoroughbred, Chance, galloping in Lexington, KY a couple years ago.



2 Responses to Videos of Truly Sound Horses

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    Jenny says:

    I love the Rockley Farm videos!! They speak so loud and clear as to what the horses are trying to tell us – that they can be sound & barefoot. Kudos to you and them for having this information out there! It has definitely helped my horses!!

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      Maureen says:

      I love them too. I love watching those 2 formerly lame, self-trimming horses walk over those rocks like they don’t exist!

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