The Myth of the "Mustang Model"

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It is shocking to me that what is being taught as the “mustang model" of hoof trimming has nothing to do with actual mustang feet. It is no more and no less than a more aggressive version of the “shoeing” model.

Below is a photo of an actual mustang hoof. Look at it closely. Notice that the heels are NOT at the base of the frog. (The seat of corn is where the wall turns and become the bar – it is where the heels are.) The foot is NOT all that concave.

Actual Mustang Hoof

Now, imagine trying to shoe this foot. Can’t really be done can it?

Now look at the photo of a shod hoof, below.

Shod hoof - the real

Notice how if you imagine the shoe gone, it is very similar to the trim supposedly based on the “mustang model". Heels taken back to the base of the frog. Frog trimmed, bars trimmed, frog standing alone on a bare sole.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

The fact is that what is being called the mustang model is a LIE. It has nothing to do with what exists in nature. It is totally man’s creation. Man has added the “mustang roll” to a shoeing trim, and that is it.

The photo of an actual mustang hoof above is one of several from my instructional DVD, in which I explain what a truly natural foot is, and how it is trimmed in nature.

Please, if you have been conned into believing in the myth of the mustang model, check out the articles on my website – they are free – and learn what the foot really wants, what it tells us, and how it should be trimmed to be healthy and happy.

Do it for your horse.

Stop believing the lie.


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