Toe vs Heel and the Ground

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I am so very tired of people trimming the heels off of poor horses, and really not addressing the toe, that it is actually almost unbearable when people send me links to what they consider "hoof trimming information."  The fact is that just because you read something or watch a video, does NOT make you an expert.  I used to watch a lot of operations on TV, that doesn't mean I am a surgeon.  Most people who blithely comment on hooves have not even seen the inside of one - yet they are experts.

What people are passing on as information is merely HUMAN ideas.  NATURE tells us clearly what the feet want - why does no one listen?????

First, here is a photo of what the sole has to say about the heels.

sole coirum shows where heels SHOULD be


Now take a look at what happen when the heels hit the ground,

Heel landing animation


And now the toe.

Toe abrasion animation

It does not take a physicist (also called rocket scientist) to see that the toe gets FAR more abrasion than the heels - which barely get any. So NATURE says clearly the toe needs trimming, not the heels.



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