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The products shown or listed here are products I have tried and used and which performed as advertised.




Used for mastitis in cows, it contains an antibiotic and is wonderful at healing frog infections very quickly.

sentry flea spray

Sentry Natural Defense Flea Spray (repels big black horse flies!)

I bought this for my Chihuahua, Cynthiana, as it is totally natural. It worked so well I have only had to spray her twice all year and she has not had any fleas!!!  BUT, equally amazing, it actually REPELS those huge black horse flies for several hours.  When using on the horses I do not rub it in, just spray it along neck, shoulder, back, body, and rear end.



I tried this product on my TB Chance, back in 2010.  On his frogs. It worked quite well.  Hadn't used it since, until I recommended it to a friend.  I ordered some for myself as well.  Click here to see how I used it and how it worked.  A great product, smells wonderful, is made for use on dogs, horses, and people, and works!

No Thrush

No Thrush is a powdered thrush treatment.  The claims on the company website are impressive - and true! I use this product and recommend it to all my clients. Those who have tried it have been very impressed. One even wrote a testimonial and sent it to the company.

dumor hoof

Dumor Hoof Supplement

Dumor Hoof has been used by several of my clients with excellent results.

Cinch Net


A great solution for those easy keepers, Cinch Nets come in a variety of bale sizes, as well as opening sizes.


HGM Instructional DVD


Natural Barefoot Trimming: The Hoof Guided Method

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