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Rain Rot Prevention/Treatment

Since my horses live out 24/7/365 rain rot was an issue last year.  Since I have 11 horses and no barn, it is virtually impossible to let them dry out and groom them when they are muddy or wet, which of course is frequently.  Last year several of them had mild rain rot, and one mare (24) had a pretty signiicant case.   (It's worth noting that my mustang mare, Roxanna, age 13 never has any kind of problem.)

This year at the very first sign of rain rot - just a lump or two - I put some diatomaceous earth in a tube sock, tied a knot in the sock and used it to dust everyone's withers, back, and rump (along the top).  I was amazed that all rain rot ceased immediately and never returned, despite another very wet winter.  The mare who had the worst case last year - also has none now.  

So for those who have horses that are out, and may have had rain rot in the past, I highly recommend a light dusting with diatomaceous earth.  It worked wonders with a single application.  


Frog Infections

Frog infections are not always thrush.  They can be bacteria, fungal, yeast, or a combination of any or all of those.  Because of that, one product may not work on all infections.  I advise changing products if you don't see positive results in 10 days.  Some of the products which I have personally observed to be very effective are listed below.  Some are natural, some are not.  I will say that sometimes issues must be prioritized - if natural remedies are not working try a different type.  The MOST important issue is frog health.

  Natural Not All-Natural
  Calendula spray  Blue Kote
  No Thrush  Kopertox
  Vinegar and water Regular bleach and water (1 part bleach to 20 parts water)


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