Transformation - 7 Days!

This is a horse I trimmed on February 9, 2013.  She is a mare who foundered last spring. This was the first time I trimmed her, and the first time in a couple months that she had been trimmed, due to an eye injury.
Right front lateral - post trim 2-9-13


As the photo shows, the hoof capsule is tall due to the founder. 

 Right front sole - post trim 2-9-13



This is the sole after I trimmed the foot.  The heels were trimmed but only down to a little more than 1/4 inch above the sole.  There was no sole ridge and I backed the toe just to the sole/wall juncture.  I left the bars completely alone.  I could have exfoliated some sole, but I get better results if I wait. Less really is more. Trimming is NOT about making the foot look perfect, it's about doing only what is needed.

Right front sole - 2-16-13


Only seven days later the sole has exofliated to such an extent that the heel on one side is about an inch above the sole.  The frog has widened, and the bars have literally fallen apart and are shedding on their own.

I am going back to trim on 2-18-13 and will post photos.

RF lateral Feb 16, 2013


This photo was taken 9 days after the photo at the top.  The hoof capsule is clearly shorter, and you can see that the pastern has relaxed as well, the horse is no longer holding her weight off of the foot.



 RF sole March 27, 2013


This is the right front sole as it looked in the photo the owner sent on March 17, 2013.  Clearly more sole is shedding and the sole has moved up more, leaving wall that needs trimming.



 RF lateral view post trim 3-22-13


This is the lateral view on March 23, post trim.  This is evidence that the foot can transform significantly when the heels are not forced low and without aggressive trimming of any kind. The heels will come down when the foot is ready. Total elapsed time for this is 6 weeks.



Six week side-by-side comparison

A huge difference!  Notice that the hoof wall was never rasped, and yet the wall is straight.


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