Transformation - Copper 4 Weeks


This is an email consult which began in early September 2012. It is an excellent example of how much the foot can change with very little "work" being done. Nature does the work. Fighting with nature by trimming more than the foot asks for prevents the hoof from doing what needs to be done. That is why things take months and even years to change!


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September 6, 2012 

This is the left hind prior to my giving trimming instructions to the owner. The instructions were to do nothing but bevel the toe. 

Unfortunately after the trim the owner didn't take photos of all the feet, but the bevel was very light, as there is clearly not much to be taken off.



This is the lateral view of the left hind prior to trimming. 

Despite the sole not appearing to show a forward toe, it's clear that the toe is forward.




This is the left hind sole at 4 weeks, before the second trim. 

A close examination shows that the frog has decontracted somewhat. More dramatic is the fact that the heel on the left side in the photo has come down and moved back. This is evident when comparing the height of the bar from the bottom of the collateral groove in this photo and the first photo (top).





This is the left hind after trimming on 10-4-12. 

As you can see, the trim was again very minimal, the heel that was high in the photo above was brought down to above the sole, to match the other heel.




This is the left hind lateral view after the trim on 10-4-12. 

The change in this foot is remarkable, especially as it is an owner trimmed foot, with very minimal trimming, and only 4 weeks after the initial trim.





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