Founder Recovery - Lucy


Lucy, the palomino, was foundered two and half years ago (today is 4/27/13). She went the traditional route of farrier, etc, with no improvement. Finally, in desperation, Lucy's owner allowed her friend to do a barefoot trim, which resulted in positive changes. However not enough. After searching the internet, the owner discovered the Hoof Guided Method. This is Lucy 5 months after starting the HGM trim. Founder is completely reversible and horses can return to 100% soundness.

All three horses in the video were lame until their owner started the HGM trim. In her own words, regarding the video: ". . . Lucy got the wind up her tail & shot back through the gate taking Bud & Boji with her - since it was the first time in a very long time that either Bud or Lucy have done more than hobble about, and since I had the camera at the barn to take hoof photos I took some videos - thought you might enjoy."

And I certainly did!

Bud is 23 and Boji is a Spotted Sadde Horse (TWH)


Below are the changes to Lucy's feet between November 2012 and January 2013.

Lucy's sole changes Nov 2012 to Jan 2013


Lateral views of changes Jan 2013 to Feb 2013


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