Photo Instructions


I charge very little for consults, and my time is limited.  PLEASE follow these instructions and DO NOT bother sending photos that do not comply.  Also, do not send links to online photos, embedded images, etc.  Just .jpg files taken and labeled as instructed.  In addition, allow 2-3 days to get your markups back.  


As of May 1st 2014, I will only be doing consults on Mon-Thu.

In order for photos to be of any assistance, they must be taken as shown below, and they must be named in a meaningful way.


How to Name Photos

Put your name first, then the date, followed by the horse's name, followed by the hoof ID.  EXAMPLE:  bob smith 1-24-12 checkers RH.  Optional items would be photo number, for example if there were 3 photos of Checker's RH, name the files: bob smith1-24-12 checkers RH 1, bob smith 1-24-12 checkers RH 2, and bob smith 1-24-12 checkers RH 3.  If the photos are not labeled in this manner there is no way for me to tell who they belong to, or what foot I'm looking at. 


How to Take Photos 

This does require getting down to the level of the hoof - photos taken from a higher angle distort the hoof and are not useful. Photos should be taken from no more 18" away - or taken so that the hoof fills the view finder.


Please resize photos before emailing, there's no need to send images larger than 500-600 KB. 

There is no need to send more than 4 images per foot. The feet should be as clean as possible. Images shoud be the following:


Lateral View 

Front view 

Sole view 

Sole angle view 


EXAMPLES: -----------------------------------



Lateral View



Frontal View



Sole View




Sole Angle View


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